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The Manager’s Handbook is an enlightening tool designed to help leaders hold union-represented employees accountable. You will learn to evaluate why things go wrong in the workplace, how to apply employee discipline, and when to terminate low performers utilizing principles of just cause. Progressive discipline is explained in detail, helping managers avoid costly grievances including arbitration. Additional helpful tips about the aspects of supervising a unionized workforce are described with capturing details, including real stories and anecdotal explanations.

Just Cause Discipline
Causes of Workplace Dysfunction
Cancer in the Workforce
Employee Investigations
Progressive Discipline
Grievance and Arbitration

Documenting Discipline
National Labor Relations Board
Federal Mediation Services
Union Styles
Labor Relations Glossary

Terminating Union Employees: Removing HR Barriers
Listen to a Lecture HR Barriers

Holding union employees accountable can be a frustrating part of any manager’s job. One of the most prevalent complaints expressed by managers who supervise unionized employees is that Human Resources acts as a barrier instead of a resource when employees do not comply with workplace rules. The manager’s perception that “HR won’t let me hold union employees accountable” results in a hands-off approach causing lower and lower performance by mediocre union employees. Whose fault is it? Are Human Resources officers really failing to support a culture of accountability for fear of the unions? Are managers following an appropriate disciplinary process? Why do poor-performing union workers often perceive they are protected from a manager’s discipline?

Before I transferred into Human Resources, I too felt the HR team failed to support my attempt as an operational manager to discipline union employees. They did not provide training on the progressive disciplinary process. We managers had to implement corrective actions using a trial and error method. Some of my colleagues gave up altogether, giving the unions underserved power. Many managers became fearful in their lack of knowledge on the topic.

I have talked with numerous supervisors over the years that truly believe HR simply does not want to take on union battles such as grievances or unfair labor practices. I’ve also talked with several HR professionals who state managers fail to follow good process when dealing with noncompliant union employees. Maybe both sides are right.

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Mr. Morales has fulfilled healthcare leadership roles for twenty years, mastering proven methods of progressive discipline as a leader in businesses with many unionized employees, including professionals, service, technical and clerical work groups. Opposing some of America’s most aggressive private sector unions, he successfully led the management of hundreds of failing employee UP or OUT of the company, defended against countless strikes and unfair labor practice charges, and settled an array of grievances in a cost effective manner while preserving above board labor relations. Morales travels teaching his methods to management groups accross the nation.
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